Trainer Sandra Valaikiene is the award winner for the Best Lash Lift Specialist in N.I. 2023 NI-B-Beautiful Awards.🥇 

A lash lift course teaches individuals how to perform lash lifts, a cosmetic procedure that enhances the appearance of the natural lashes. During a lash lift course, we will learn:

  • Understanding the lash lift process and how it differs from traditional lash extensions.
  • Learning about different types of lash lifting solutions and their effects.
  • Practicing proper consultation techniques and understanding client expectations.
  • Mastering the correct application of lifting solutions to achieve optimal results.
  •  Exploring lash lift safety, including potential risks and how to mitigate them.
  • Gaining knowledge of aftercare and maintenance for clients.
  • Acquiring skills to troubleshoot common issues during the lash lift process.
  • Receiving a certification upon successful completion of the coarse. 

Training takes place at Luxe Lashes Beauty Academy.

1:1 or small group accredited training courses available at Luxe Lashes Beauty Academy. Our courses have been approved, validated and fully accredited.

Starter kit is not included in the price. The student is supplied with the products during the practical part.

After the payment is received, the training date and time will
be discussed personally for the most appropriate time suited.
After successful completion, accredited certificate will be issued.