Why to train with us?

Choosing training for lash extensions or other beauty treatments is an important decision that can greatly impact your career as a lash/brow artist. Here are some reasons why you should train with us:

  1. Skill Development.
  2. Client Satisfaction. 
  3. Health and Safety Considerations.
  4. Professional Credibility.
  5. Business Advancement.
  6. Ongoing Support.
  7. Award Winning Academy.

Payment options available. Contact us for more details and we will choose the best payment plan for you!

Klarna buy now, pay later available.


VIP Classic Eyelash Extensions Course

£499.00 £449.00

VIP Classic Eyelash Extensions Course

£499.00 £449.00

What we are going to learn during the Classic Eyelash Extensions course? 

  • History of eyelash extensions.
  • Eye, eyelid,eyelash anatomy.
  • Health and Safety.
  • Client Consultation.
  • Allergies and how to avoid them.
  • Containdications and Contractions.
  • Patch test.
  • Introduction to the products.
  • Tools required for the treatment and how to choose them.
  • Lash characteristics.
  • Safe eyelash extensions application.
  • Lash styles.
  • Bridge for damaged lashes.
  • Eyelash Cleanser importance.
  • Aftercare.
  • Removal and infill.
  • Troubleshooting.
  • Lash Etiquette.
  • Marketing and Pricing. 

2 Days Training, total 10 hours.

Starter kit is included in the price. It is 1-1 session. Includes theory and practical parts(practice on a mannequin head and on a real model). 


Training takes place at Luxe Lashes Beauty Academy. 

After the payment is received the training date and time will be discussed personally for the most appropriate time suited. 
After successful completion, accredited certificate will be issued.

The course is more advanced and the student must have the Classic Eyelash Extensions Course completed previously.

What we are going to learn during the Volume Eyelash Extensions Course? 

During our volume 2D-3D eyelash extensions course, you will learn advanced techniques for creating fuller, more dramatic lash looks.

This course will cover the art of hand-making volume fans, lash mapping for 2D and 3D designs, advanced adhesive application, and proper isolation methods. Additionally, you will gain insight into eye shapes and how to customize lash designs for various clients. By the end of the course, you will have the skills and knowledge to create stunning, multi-dimensional lash sets, allowing you to elevate your expertise as a lash artist.

It is 1:1 course, starter kit is included in the price. 

2 Days Training, total of 10 hours. 

Training takes place at Luxe Lashes Beauty Academy. 

After the payment is received the training date and time will be discussed personally for the most appropriate time suited. 
After successful completion, accredited certificate will be issued.

Discover the art of hybrid lash application in our intensive one-day workshop. Perfect for lash enthusiasts looking to expand their skill set, this course offers hands-on training, professional insights, and industry-recognized certification. Join us and take your lash expertise to the next level. 

Not suitable for beginners. Starter kit is not included in the price.

Embark on a transformative journey into the world of classic eyelash extensions with our comprehensive 4-week course.

From mastering foundational techniques to gaining hands-on experience, this immersive program is designed for beginners seeking to launch a rewarding career in the beauty industry.

Unleash your creativity, build your confidence, and unlock endless opportunities in the art of lash extensions. Join us and elevate your skills to new heights!

Week1: Introduction and Theory 

Week2: Hands-on-Practice 

Week3: Refinement and Advanced Techniques 

Week4: Practice on live models and Final Assessment 

Starter kit is included. 

The course is 16 hours length, divided into 8 classes, 2 hours per class. Morning or Evening sessions to suit your needs. 

Lash Express Workshop for Classic Eyelash Extensions. 

Unleash your potential in the art of lash extensions with our exclusive Lash Express Workshop. In just 5 hours, master the essential techniques of classic lash application under the guidance of industry experts. This intensive training provides a focused, hands-on experience, perfect for beginners and beauty enthusiasts eager to dive into the world of eyelash extensions. Elevate your skill set, ignite your passion, and embark on a fulfilling journey in the beauty industry. Join us and become a lash expert in record time!

Starter kit included. 


Elevate your beauty skills with our comprehensive Beauty Pro Training Package and save up to 25% off on buying single courses.

Are you ready to master the art of enhancing natural beauty and helping clients look and feel their best? Our all-inclusive training program covers everything you need to succeed in the beauty industry.

In this package, you will learn the following techniques from industry experts:

✨ Classic Lashes: Perfect the art of applying individual lash extensions to create beautiful, natural-looking lashes that enhance every eye shape.

✨ Lash Tinting: Learn how to professionally tint eyelashes to add depth and definition, giving your clients a stunning lash enhancement without the need for mascara.

✨ Lash Lamination: Master the technique of lash lamination to lift and curl natural lashes, providing a longer-lasting alternative to traditional lash extensions.

✨ Brows Shaping: Discover the secrets to achieving the perfect brow shape using wax and tweezers, creating defined and polished arches that frame the face beautifully.

✨ Brows Lamination: Dive into the world of brow lamination to tame unruly brows, create a fuller appearance, and achieve a sleek, groomed look that lasts.

5 training courses are available in this package!

Theory and practical studies.

Practice on 5 live models.

Accredited certificates upon successful completion.

Starter kits can be bought for extra price. However, all products are discussed and supplied for the practical parts.

20 hours intensive training.

Whether you're looking to start a new career in the beauty industry or expand your existing skill set, our Beauty Pro Training Package will provide you with the knowledge and expertise to excel in the competitive world of beauty services.

Join us and unlock your full potential as a beauty professional. Enroll now and take the first step towards a successful and fulfilling career in beauty!