Luxe Lashes by S.V. Adhesive


Extra Strong Evolution:
Elevate your eyelash extension game with our advanced Lash Extra Strong Evolution adhesive. Designed for certified lash technicians, lasting for up to 6-7 weeks in laboratory testing.
Rapid Drying Time: 

With a quick time of 1-2 seconds our eyelash extensions adhesive is tailored for highly skilled lash artists,significantly speeding up eyelash extensions procedures. For optimal performance,we recommend working in a humidity rage of 45-70 % and temperature 18-25 degrees.

Low Viscosity and High Flexibility:
Our adhesive boasts a thin consistency and low viscosity, ensuring a seamless application process without clumping or dragging. The thin formula allows to precise and flawless lash placement. The glue exhibits excellent elasticity,maintaining it’s structure when lashes are subject to stress.

✔️Professional usage only
✔️Setting time 1-2 seconds
✔️Humidity 45-70%
✔️Temperature 18-25 degrees
Ethyl Cyanoacrylate, carbon black, Polymethyl methacrylate
✔️Low fume
✔️Fast drying
Techniques: Classic and Volume
6-7 weeks retention
Technician profile: intermediate, beginner, experienced.